Pauline Dean from Floartbal shares her thoughts and tips for creating a successful event.

Corporate Events:

Corporate, diverse in nature are as diverse in what they celebrate.

Corporate colours are usually the most important initial aspect of the job as it reflects their brand and status.

Based in Clapham, South London, Lambeth College celebrates the successes of its students on a

rather grand scale. In 2018 the college hosted it's graduation at the famous Oval Cricket Ground. (presently called Kia for sponsorship purposes).

The impeccably kept grounds stood out from the surrounding perimeters of local housing and its upper decks shared the awesome skyline of the local areas in this corner of South London.

This was a delightful venue to bring life to, not only because of its grandeur and historical significance but because of the different spaces which were being utilised by Lambeth College. The main graduation room - "The England Room", was where the ceremony was held, awarding the students on their achievement. The room was laid out in conference style with a stage adorned on o...

April 9, 2019

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Summer is a great time to have a wedding in a marquee. Spacious and open this marquee offered a delightful  view to the surrounding country side, bringing a sense of space and timeless beauty. 

Providing décor for marquees provides exciting challenges and here free standing arrangements were an excellent choice.

The ivory walls of fabric offered an immense opportunity to create dazzling complementary displays, which harmonised the colour scheme and yet offered a striking  contrast of gold. Multiple gold accessories dangled from the tall majestic martini vases complementing  perfectly the gold shimmery mats on which they stood.

The gold sashes on the chairs contrasted with the table décor creating an overall look of true elegance.

To enquire about any of the items please click here

April 4, 2019

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A marquee requires floral designs which enhances its structure and internal facets.

The colour and starkness of marquees allows for a range of floral design. Yet, like any other venue its location, type of event as well as the vision of the client are important factors which will have an overall effect on the end result.

Tall imposing floral designs create instant impact. Ruthless winds dictate a shorter heavier design.

Focal areas simply create interest. Are the floral designs placed at the entrance, on tables, or act as free standing arrangements? 

Are they to be suspended from the ceiling creating an air of mystery, fun,  just sheer ambience, elegance?

Evenings or darker winter months, lights are an asset. Sparkly lights and lanterns create an added feature.  Weddings/ winter wonderland themes a definite must! Mix them in with your floral designs and you have an impressive space.

Generally white, marquees allow for the use of any colour in abundance. Be guided by your chosen colour, as mo...

The colour red is spattered everywhere. Hearts adorning shop windows, entrances, restaurants and venues.

Celebrated each year on February 14th, Valentines is a day of romance and anticipation. Romantic for those declaring their love and those maintaining their anonymity in a bid to surprise someone they may secretly admire.

Flowers, chocolates, perfume, balloons, special meals are all some of the the things we give and do to express our love. Red roses are predominantly given and are significant with the idea of romance and love. 1, 6, 12, 24 roses. Whatever the quantity, the emotional idea of receiving red roses is usually one of happiness.

Happy Valentines!

February 10, 2017

On February 15th Laurence and I were married and we held the reception at our home. It was a stunning day made possible by Pauline Dean.

January 26, 2017

Valentines Day, the day of Love, is internationally recognised.

Associated with the act of declaring one's love is the giving of flowers. Traditionally, this has been red roses.

The varying textures, fragrance and shades of red are enormous. Deep luscious reds, bright attractive reds, contrasting orangery reds. The array is epic. Each shade has a meaning

The most popular of designs is the hand-tied with 12 red roses. Of course this is not the only design, so being adventurous can offer unique, creative and personalised designs. For larger alternatives, 18, 24, 36 and 100 roses and for a minimal alternative, 1 or 3 roses, For the more minimal look, choose a larger rose which creates impact.

Balloons have become very popular so use these as an item which gets added to the bouquet, Foil balloons are available in different sizes, 18 inches, 24 and 36 inches. The 18 inch design can be packed and delivered in a box which pops up once the lid is lifted off. The larger 36 inch can be magnificently...

October 17, 2016

Autumn has arrived in its usual splendour bringing changes of weather, the falling of leaves with an array of colour.

Tidying your garden, cutting back shrubs, eradicating weeds, mowing the lawn, changing window boxes and potted plants.

The season brings a rainbow of colours, adding that splash of grandeur during the dark days and nights ahead.

Compliment your plants to your pots or to create a contrast, mix and match. Are the containers suitably placed to create and enhance their beauty? Potted plants can be incorporated into the smallest or most unique of gardens and out door space. Hanging baskets are more suitably placed at higher levels, allowing the versatility of trailing, vine like plants to display their beauty.

Very little maintenance is usually required but what ever your choices, create a lasting effect.

The Wedding Season has arrived in flamboyant style with an array of colours and themes.

Summer, with its promise of sunshine and lengthy days, is the most popular season for weddings. June, traditionally known as the Wedding Month may now have been superseded by July and August.

There are unusual, spectacular, contemporary and of course classical style venues, suited to all your wishes and desires.

Some venues will perform the Ceremony and are able to transform the same space into a  room of splendor for the reception. Others may have designated rooms and external spaces specifically for the Wedding Ceremony, allowing the reception to take place immediately after.

- Think of your colour scheme/theme/flowers/balloons and accessories.

- Does the venue lend itself to your vision of floral/balloon displays.

- What would you need to enhance the ambience? Chair covers, back-drops, large displays, confetti.....

All of these ideas can be discussed with your florist or wedding organiser, enabling the...

January 8, 2016

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Focusing on your potential client's likes and needs is necessary: It highlights your awareness of their business.


Take into account their brand image, corporate colours, the service/s they offer and the clients they have. There's always the question of what style/type of design do I create? Classic, chic, modern, creative? Does the space that you are going to decorate lend itself to large items? Does it work will with the aesthetics of the building?


With a greater insight into the company, it's time to plan, execute and deliver. Accuracy is essential. Developing a strong trusting relationship is essential.


The ultimate goal is to make positive impact with a spectacular design which generates communication, satisfaction, visual interest and an item of  high value.


Creations can be customised by using the client's corporate colours and logos in the design- for both balloon and floral creations. It's important to realise that designs are created for the client or potential customer and no...

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