Working With Your Client

Focusing on your potential client's likes and needs is necessary: It highlights your awareness of their business.

Take into account their brand image, corporate colours, the service/s they offer and the clients they have. There's always the question of what style/type of design do I create? Classic, chic, modern, creative? Does the space that you are going to decorate lend itself to large items? Does it work will with the aesthetics of the building?

With a greater insight into the company, it's time to plan, execute and deliver. Accuracy is essential. Developing a strong trusting relationship is essential.

The ultimate goal is to make positive impact with a spectacular design which generates communication, satisfaction, visual interest and an item of high value.

Creations can be customised by using the client's corporate colours and logos in the design- for both balloon and floral creations. It's important to realise that designs are created for the client or potential customer and not you, the designer.

Creating an intricate customised design will always be a winner if your approach is professional, honest and engaging.