Valentines Day, The Day Of Love

Valentines Day, the day of Love, is internationally recognised.

Associated with the act of declaring one's love is the giving of flowers. Traditionally, this has been red roses.

The varying textures, fragrance and shades of red are enormous. Deep luscious reds, bright attractive reds, contrasting orangery reds. The array is epic. Each shade has a meaning

The most popular of designs is the hand-tied with 12 red roses. Of course this is not the only design, so being adventurous can offer unique, creative and personalised designs. For larger alternatives, 18, 24, 36 and 100 roses and for a minimal alternative, 1 or 3 roses, For the more minimal look, choose a larger rose which creates impact.

Balloons have become very popular so use these as an item which gets added to the bouquet, Foil balloons are available in different sizes, 18 inches, 24 and 36 inches. The 18 inch design can be packed and delivered in a box which pops up once the lid is lifted off. The larger 36 inch can be magnificently displayed in a room.

Valentines Day is personal to each person and is best spent celebrating in a manner most suitable to each.

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