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Floartbal - Event Decoration (Blog Post)

So you're planning an event:

Wedding, Birthday Party, Launch of a new product or business, Prom, Christening...Regardless of the event, the idea of presenting a beautifully decorated room which wows your guests is forever present. The choice of decorating yourself or with family and friends as opposed to using professional services may arise.

Why use services when you can do things yourself?


How long will it take to prepare the room? All tables need to be decorated, unsightly spaces eliminated. here's the focused area? What, how, when do you decorate? Have you enough time to decorate and attend your event on time?


Essential. How much have you allocated? If working with a florist, event organiser, venue dresser or any other service they will want to know how much you wish to spend. Matching costs with your requirements is a part of the job. More importantly it gives an indication of being accurate with your budget and helping you to tweak or adjust your ideas or your budget.

So go get planning!