Creating Floral Designs for A Marquee

A marquee requires floral designs which enhances its structure and internal facets.

The colour and starkness of marquees allows for a range of floral design. Yet, like any other venue its location, type of event as well as the vision of the client are important factors which will have an overall effect on the end result.

Tall imposing floral designs create instant impact. Ruthless winds dictate a shorter heavier design.

Focal areas simply create interest. Are the floral designs placed at the entrance, on tables, or act as free standing arrangements?

Are they to be suspended from the ceiling creating an air of mystery, fun, just sheer ambience, elegance?

Evenings or darker winter months, lights are an asset. Sparkly lights and lanterns create an added feature. Weddings/ winter wonderland themes a definite must! Mix them in with your floral designs and you have an impressive space.

Generally white, marquees allow for the use of any colour in abundance. Be guided by your chosen colour, as most flowers offer a range.

So go ahead with a marquee which offers the additional fun factor and an impressive floral design.

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