An Autumn Wedding

On a beautiful autumn day in October this wedding took place in Surrey. Decorated in an awesome bright red, the marquee with its white walls and drapery served as a fabulous backdrop to the whole setting.

The wedding ceremony took place in a section of the marquee outlined particularly for this purpose. Laid out in rows, the chairs were adorned with bright red organza sashes., The aisle, laid with an ivory carpet and the inscripted initials of the couple was simply covered with rose petals which majestically led to the arch where the ceremony would be undertaken.

Free standing floral arrangements were placed along the length of the carpet, The 2 larger stands placed either side of the arch were richly adorned in jewelled beads. The arch was more minimal in style, dressed with garlands of flowers and red hearts.

The adjoining room served as the dining area. The tables were decorated with lit floating candles and red rose petals. The drapes in the ceiling were dressed with strings of lights which twinkled throughout the night, complementing the floating candles.

The external patio area had a gazebo which was effectively and beautifully draped in delicate flowing bright red organza and served as a bar. As a surprise to guests, the entrance to the garden was beautifully decorated with trailing roses.

Wonderful music, food and ambience went a long way in providing the couple with the ambience that they so richly deserved.

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