Lambeth College - Graduation Ceremony 19 October 2018

Corporate Events:

Corporate, diverse in nature are as diverse in what they celebrate.

Corporate colours are usually the most important initial aspect of the job as it reflects their brand and status.

Based in Clapham, South London, Lambeth College celebrates the successes of its students on a

rather grand scale. In 2018 the college hosted it's graduation at the famous Oval Cricket Ground. (presently called Kia for sponsorship purposes).

The impeccably kept grounds stood out from the surrounding perimeters of local housing and its upper decks shared the awesome skyline of the local areas in this corner of South London.

This was a delightful venue to bring life to, not only because of its grandeur and historical significance but because of the different spaces which were being utilised by Lambeth College. The main graduation room - "The England Room", was where the ceremony was held, awarding the students on their achievement. The room was laid out in conference style with a stage adorned on one side by a large pedestal of flowers which reflected the colours of the college in purple and white, whilst either side of the entrance of the England room had two modern balloon arrangements in purple, black and white and accessorised with organza and a string of sparkly lights.

The Corinthian Roof Terrace, which ran along a section of the cricket field, served as the social area. Here smaller balloons in white, with a decorative multi coloured ribbon, were complimented with minute balloons in black and purple. These balloons were created to add a sense of fun and celebration and were strategically placed around the deck in different heights to create interest and focal areas.

The Committee Room was set aside for the VIPs who were invited to the ceremony. The decor here was effective and complemented the room's layout of simplicity and a sense of business. The table had floral arrangements reflecting the corporate colours and the entrance leading onto the terrace had balloons placed either side of the door.. The passage way was dressed with balloons leading the path to the registration room , England Room and Corinthian Terrace.

It was a fantastic day for both students and staff who worked tirelessly to create a successful day.

Here is a video of the day: