Tips for Planning your Wedding

planning a wedding

How far in advance you plan your wedding depends on the date you propose to marry. Typically, 12 months is seen as a guide but there is nothing steadfast as a rule.

Getting married with little time to spare, then jotting down your requirements will make you more focused and more likely to include all the things you want to create your unique day.

The first step would be to confirm and book the date with your church, registry office, mosque, temple, venue or any other appointed place where ceremonies take place, whilst trying to match the date of the venue for the reception.

You now have all the other services to look for. Florist, balloonist, events decorator, bridal wear, purveyors of suits and clothing for grooms, cake maker, make up artist, hair dresser, shoe shops, cars, specialised vans or buses to take your guests, photographer, videographer, DJ, jeweller.

Additional services may be a magician, singer, band, violinist, dancers or something which reflects your culture and cultural identity.

Many brides plan their weddings with a little stress added in but if you find your self consumed with anxiety and really not enjoying the experience, a wedding planner may well be a service which you will find invaluable.

Weddings are unique and individualised to suit you, so plan in the manner which suits you !

Planning Guide

  • 12 Months - Church/Place Ceremony. Venue

  • 09 Months -Wedding dress/Bridesmaid, Groom and Grooms men

  • Caterer if specialised/specific Cultural meals required

  • 09 - 06 Months - Florist, Balloonist, Events Decorator, Photographer, Cars, Cakes, Rings

  • 06-03 Months - Hair dresser, Make up artist, additional services required.

  • 03 Months - Finalising details with your services.

  • 02 Months- Making payments due, dealing with adjustments, invites have been finalised, confirming services

  • 01 Month- Last minute adjustments, ensure all services have been paid, numbers for reception have been confirmed, bridal wear.

  • 02 Weeks - Final confirmation of flowers, time and places of delivery.

  • 01 Week - Ensure a list of services/agreed times of entry have been confirmed with the hotel/venue.

  • Ensure the bridal party has the agenda/plan for the day and each person- Best man, Chief bridesmaid, Grooms men are aware of their duties.

  • Wedding Day- Relax and enjoy!

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